Sunday, August 12, 2007

Birthday Lasagna

It was my husband's birthday recently, so we had a small family get together dinner for him. I made a Cheesy Vegan Lasagna from It was a lot more time consuming then most of my dinners, but no one minded holding the baby while I cooked. I followed the recipe pretty accuratly, although it called for a lot more than I actually used; for instance I only used one jar of sauce and it called for 2. I also topped it with Follow Your Heart Vegan Mozzerella. The end result? Everyone seamed to love it, it was a big hit, and I would love to have the time to make it again.

On the side we had a garden salad, topped with homemade tahini dressing. Garlic Italian Flatbread finished the plate.

Who can have a birthday without a cake? Not my husband! My mom made a triple chocolate whole wheat vegan cake for his birthday. It was sooo good! She blended everything in her super blender, even the wheat to make flour, and the sugar to powder it for the frosting! Yum!

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