Friday, May 9, 2008

Vegan in West L.A.

On our way out of Los Angeles, I really wanted some pancakes. I was jealous of our travel-mate that went and got pancakes in the cafe below our hotel, so I researched a bit online to try to find a place were we could get some too. I found a place called The Vegan Joint in West L.A. where we could stop on our way out of town.

Finding it was really easy, just off the freeway, and on a nice little corner-street. I got what I came for- pancakes with tofu scramble, called "Cowgirl Pankcakes". Hubby was overwhelmed with all the options so he ordered pancakes, fresh spring rolls, and Pad Thai. My mother-in-law got some chicken pancakes- with fried chicken that was some of the best fake chicken I've tried. And our other travel mate that ate before we left really regretted eating so much because it was all so tasty!

Pad Thai

Chicken Pancakes

Cowgirl Pancakes

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