Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Presents for my Kitchen

Well, I left my usb flash card thing at my mother-in-laws, so I haven't been able to upload pics to share our meals with you. So, until I get it back, which will hopefully be this evening, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite Christmas presents for my kitchen...

I got a little bit of Christmas cash, so I went and bought this book. I am all about vegan comfort food, as you know, so I could not pass this up. Last night I made the curried lentil loaf, which was super tasty (But cook it longer than it says to).

My husband got me this cookbook- Vegan Fusion World Cuisine, recipes from the Blossoming Lotus- the best vegan restaurant I've ever been - too bad I have to go to Kauai whenever I want to eat there (I think there is one is Seattle too, but I could be wrong).

And here is my super-duper-fancy food processor that my parents gave us... I am SOOOOO Excited about this! I've made pesto and the curried lentil loaf with it already. I want to use it every day I love it so much!


VegMomma said...

Food processors are the best! I really couldn't live without mine. I originally bought it to make baby food 2 years ago, but now it gets used at least a few times a week for dinner/ baking.
Happy holidays to you!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Score on the vegan cookbooks and ESPECIALLY the food processor. I love mine, couldn't live without it anymore.
I think the other blossoming lotus rest. is in portland....not too far, but the hawaii location sounds much more exotic (expecially in the dead of winter). Hope you have enjoyed the holidays with your family!

Anonymous said...

The other Blossoming Lotus Restaurant is in Portland, Oregon, and it is YUMMY!

That is one of my favorite cookbooks.

Anonymous said...

No Veganomicon? That was the cookbook I scored this holiday season and I have to say it's a pretty awesome one.

What are the specs on your food processor? DH and I went looking for one in boxing day sales, but didn't end up getting one because we couldn't decide between Cuisinart and Kitchenaid.

ex-stasis (from mdc)