Wednesday, September 19, 2007


OK, I was reading my IRL friend's food blog and I realized I don't really have any sort of introduction or bio of myself, other than that tiny little photo and about me bit on here. So, here it is...

I am Elizabeth (LizzyQ in most online forums), brand new mommy to SebbyDee (nickname from his auntie) as of May 2007. I have been meat free since Jan 1, 2004 as my new year's resolution that I renew every year. I eat vegan most of the time - since I met my hubby- who has been meat free for about 15 years and vegan for 10. I cook vegan at home.

I always knew I wanted to raise my child meat free, but as a independent pre-child woman, I rarely made many meals at home that where 1.) cheap and 2.) unprocessed. My vegetarian cooking is evolving from Tofurky and Boca Burgers to homemade nut loafs and home made soymilk. Adding a touch of comfort food and sometimes a bit of convenience for the busy mom.

Really, I love to cook. I love to create tasty food that veg*ns miss. I am a Southern Girl at heart, living in Mormon-Conservative Suburbia as a little vegan family. It's going to be an interesting life for my dear veggie baby!

Our Vegan Family


Vegan_Noodle said...

What a beautiful family. Your son is too cute for words!

Whitney said...

You have a beautiful family. And kudos to you for raising your child meat free. I am raising my 4 children vegan, and although it's tough at times, it is a choice I never regret..